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Together with Korinne Algie and I offer a total marketing solution to schools looking to expand their presence in the Japanese market.
Korinne has extensive experience in the international education which has given her a unique understanding of the industry.
Complimenting my background, we provide marketing and communications services created especially for you.
Transcreation and Japan in-country representative are just some of our services.

留学業界スペシャリスト Korinne Algieと共に、留学業界に特化したマーケティング・ソリューションを日本を始め世界各国の学校や他留学業界関連企業にご提案いたします。

2000年からスタートした 私の留学業界経験と同時期に、Korinneの 留学業界スペシャリストとしての道も始まりました。
これまでの経験を活かし、JMKT Solutionとして、留学業界でより躍進されたい学校や企業へマーケティング&コミュニケーションサービスを提供いたします。

Japan Representative

The next step for your Japanese marketing endevor is to develop your presence in the Japanese market.
Having a Japan representative is the best way to do this.

Imagine having someone who could communicate with local agencies and individual students in Japanese for you.
Cultural gaps and conflicts could be simply navigaed and avoided.

Why not make things easy for yourself? I offer representative services in Japan. I do the leg works so that you reap the rewards.

Transcreation Services / 翻訳校正サービス

Translating your marketing materials such as your website and brochures should be your first step if you are seriously considering entering the Japanese market.
Simple word-for-word translations however are not enough. Most of the time they fail to properly explain the things that make your school special and unique. Even worse, some automatic translations provide results that are confusing and wrong. This is where we can help.

I have many years of experience in international education, working for leading education services companies, a number of schools and in an agency both in Japan and abroad.
With my deep knowledge of both the Japanese market and industry in general, I am able to deliver the best possible Japanese marketing materials to you.

* Transcreation: Translation and customisation of materials to suit to the target market



Language Services


Transcreation Services

Translating your marketing materials such as your website and brochures should be your first step if you are seriously considering entering the Japanese market.
I not only translate your materials, I carefully match any marketing message or strategy you wish, making sure your message is received in the right way.

With many years working and living both overseas and in Japan, I have a good sense of both English and Japanese. Also, my various background as a marketeer, a business owner, a mom and a consumer have all help me to develop my translating/transcreating skills.
I make sure that I carefully understand both your text and your goal before any translation work is done.

・English to Japanese translation:            15 yen per word
・Proofreading:                                                    8 yen per word, 10 yen per character
・Machine Translation Post Edit (MTPE):   9 yen per word, 13 yen per character

Please click here to see the works I've done in the past.



・英日翻訳:        15円/語(税抜)
・翻訳校正および訳チェック:  8円/字(税抜)、10円/語(税抜)
・機械翻訳の校正(MTPE):  9円/字(税抜)、13円/語(税抜)
  これまでの実績は、 こちらにてご確認ください。