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Marketing Solution for Schools

Providing marketing solutions and ​local ​representation for schools looking to expand in the Japanese market and Japan-based schools looking to recruit internationally. 

The marketing solutions and operation assistance are also offered to locally-operated and foreign-owned Eikaiwa schools in Japan.

An extensive support package including Japanese language assistance is one of the most popular services provided only for Eikaiwa school owners operated in Japan or overseas school owners who like to recruit students from Japan.

Are the meanings of your messages conveyed accurately to the your audience? 


さらに、be crosslinkでは、国内大手英会話スクールや海外語学学校での実務経験を生かし、日本で起業された外資系英会話スクールの運営サポートおよびマーケティング活動のサポートも提供しております。


Translation services / 翻訳・英語サポート

English to Japanese translation, proofreading services and machine translated post editing (MTPE) works for individuals and ​organisations in multiple sectors.

Are your Japanese website, brochures, leaflets and blogs reguarly updated and matched to your audience's interests? 

The words, phrases, tones and even the market trends in Japan are carefully researched and analysed, we then blend them to create the best possible quality materials - just for you.

A subscription package is available for regular translation/localization requirements.




Study Overseas / 留学サポート


be crosslinkの留学サポートは、名古屋市や愛知県、近郊エリアだけでなく、日本全域そして海外からもご利用いただいております。


Providing support, from a selection of a school to various applications, for Japanese students who wish to study overseas.
With locally operated agencies worldwide, an extensive support is offered for Japanese students during their studies.

For junior and high school students and the parents, a wide range of support and attractive programs are also provided by partnered with Mainichi Education, one of the leading education agencies in Japan.


Find Your Strengths and Unlock Your Potential

Every one of us has unique strengths, even schools and corporates.

Let me find your unique strengths and unlock your potential.
This ideology provides a very important base for all of my services.  Regardless of the project or topic, I always work to help you reach your maximum potential.


それが、be crosslinkのサポートです。



Our company has used Megumi's services on several occasions, including the translation of our website, brochure, and videos. She always delivers beyond our expectations, and we are delighted to recommend her services for anyone seeking swift and professional translation services.

Anette Yamamoto-Hansen
Japan Representative Human Health
Aker Biomarine Japan/アーケルバイオマリン



山本 雄万


For those looking for a writing translator from English to Japanese, Megumi is brilliant, as she really makes the effort to understand the subject before translating/interpreting the context, feed and expressions.

I would strongly recomend her for such engagements. We plan to continue to use her services going forward.

Brian Tsuyoshi Takeda
Founder & CEO
Urchinomics B.V.


It has been a pleasure working with Megumi. She has been quick, efficient and helped us throughout the whole translation process with a positive attitude. I would highly recommend Megumi and hope to work with her on more translations in the future.

Aysen Korucu
Senior Marketing Manager, QRILL Pet section
Aker BioMarine Antarctic AS


Her reviews were high quality and delivered on time. More than that, she acted as a language-specific consultant. She helped determine which translators were suitable for the localisation task and provided language-specific insights which were invaluable to me as a non-Japanese speaker. I highly recommend Megumi as her localisation and review skills are excellent, as are her communication skills. I look forward to working with her on future projects.

Rachael Brunckhorst
Linguistic Project Manager





We would wholeheartedly recommend be crosslink as a translation and media service for partners who wish to promote their services in Japan. The understanding and experience of Megumi is impressive. She helped us develop our new website and subsequent promotion in Japan and we were delighted with her services.

Carolyn Llewelyn
International Director 
Oxford International Study Centre (OISC) / オックスフォード・インターナショナル・スタディ・センター


I would like to say your influence on Eliza is great. You have changed her thinking from not only a teacher's perspective but to a management one. More to yours and my perspective. Your guidance for her is invaluable. Thank you.

Richard Andersen
Andersen English (アンダーソン・イングリッシュ)


Korinne Algie International Education Marketing and Communications

Korinne Algie International Education Marketing and Communications

Aker BioMarine / アーケル・バイオマリン

Aker BioMarine / アーケル・バイオマリン


Urchinomics / ウニノミクス


TOMRA / トムラ

ジュニア留学 Mainichi Education/毎日留学ナビのジュニアプログラム

Mainichi Education / 毎日留学ナビ

イギリス/リーズ語学留学 Leeds English Language School / リーズ・イングリッシュ・ランゲージ・スクール

Leeds English Language School / リーズ・イングリッシュ・ランゲージ・スクール

イギリス/オックスフォード語学留学 Oxford International Study Centre (OISC)

Oxford International Study Centre (OISC)

ドイツ語学留学 Humboldt-Institut フンボルト・インスティテュート

Humboldt-Institut / フンボルト・インスティテュート



東京足立区の英会話スクール Andersen English / アンダーソン・イングリッシュ

Andersen English / アンダーソン・イングリッシュ



オーストラリア留学専門チーム Project MKM / プロジェクトMKM

Project MKM / プロジェクトMKM